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hotel, Varna, Bulgaria

Modus Hotel Varna

hotel, Varna, Bulgaria

Bellevue, Golden Sands

hotel, Varna, Bulgaria

Example: Bucharest apartment

: Basic information

Accommodation type: apartment
Accommodation name: Example: Bucharest apartment
Country: Romania
City: Bucharest
Region: Baneasa
Accommodation address: Bucuresti, Baneasa
Accommodation postal code: 021888
Latitude: 44.490856266689
Longitude: 26.0778951644897

Phone number: (+40)
Phone number: (+40)
Fax number: (+40)

Car needed: necessary

Nearest major access points:


Distance [km]


Henri Coanda


Train station

Gara de Nord (North Station)


Ferry boat


Estimated charges for short term accommodation (1 - 2 nights): 150.00[euro/day], Room / Apartament / House, Breakfast included
Estimated charges for average term accommodation (1 - 2 weeks): 140.00[euro/day], Room / Apartament / House, Breakfast included
Estimated charges for long term accommodation (> 1 month): 90.00[euro/day], Room / Apartament / House, Breakfast included

Example: Bucharest apartment

: Description
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A very masculine design this suite provides exquisite comfort. The large windows shower each room with light. Enjoy a late night movie in front of the flat screen 32" TV with large comfortable pillows within arm’s reach. Take a few steps into the kitchen for a midnight snack. You will find there high quality utensils and kitchenware. Take a seat at the bar while you enjoy your food. Return to your suite with coffee and newspaper in hand and settle in to the reading corner under the giant window. The marble bathroom and sleekly designed bedroom are at your disposal.

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Example: Bucharest apartment

: Location & Facilities

Location: downtown, town



Double Bed

Single Bed

Sleep Sofa

Child Bed

Baby Crib

Maximum number of persons accommodated



botanical garden

Recreational activities:


Services and amenities in the neighborhood:

Kitchen facilities:

Toilet and bathroom facilities:


Communication and Internet:

Onsite Equipment and Facilities:

Onsite Services:

Swimming pools:

General facilities:

Example: Bucharest apartment

: Contact information

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